Sunday, July 3, 2016

Facebook, you're so interesting

I really enjoy people watching on Facebook.
There was a girl in high school who dressed completely goth. She was quiet but nice when you got to know her. But she did the whole black lipstick and 10,000 strategically placed safety pins, stereotypic late 90's goth girl look. Fast forward to a few months ago- she befriended me on Facebook. The first thing I see is her absolutely adorable baby girl in the fluffiest of fluffy dresses and giant bows. It totally cracks me up wondering what her high school self would have thought. 

And today she was commenting on how she hates companies with lax dress codes. That you should dress to impress. 

I just love seeing how people evolve. The ways they're the same and the way they have changed over the years.without this window in I would have kept her high school goth persona in my head and not seen how, despite it being very much a part of her at 17, life changed her. 

My super adorable babies

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Kathy said...

Ack! Your super adorable babies, indeed. So cute.

When I was on Facebook, I was amazed at how much some people had also stayed EXACTLY the same, down to their blue eyeliner. ;) Maybe my stint on FB helped some people let go of the image of me as a 17 year old with many, many bad perms!!