Thursday, July 21, 2016

Pick your damn poison

*this post was one click away from being posted to Facebook. I may need a break until November. My head is ready to explode. 

There are many, many things that have pushed me to a breaking point this election cycle. The one that has taken me over the edge is the “lesser of two evils” camp. I am fed up beyond belief of this group. Maybe because it is made up of many people I respect. They vary between the ones who are wringing their hands because “neither candidate deserves his vote” and the ones who are putting their foot down and voting third party.

I’m over it. PICK YOU GOD DAMN POISON. You know what you do when presented with two choices? You pick the lesser of two evils. Always, that is what two choices mean. You stack the issues and chose the one that fits your views. Sometimes this is easy, when you can pick your personal Jesus, but more often neither candidate is exactly the person you’d like to see ideally but you find the issues that matter and DECIDE. Fucking decide. 

Personally, if I were in this position this election cycle it would come down to this: one candidate will result in policies which will likely last at least a generation but policy can be changed. She has been in the system a long time and will at least play lip service to proper checks and balances, she understands our obligations around the world and the repercussions of not living up to those. The other candidate has spent more than a year stoking racist and xenophobic fires and in my opinion not to resolve them but to monopolize on them. This type of rhetoric just erodes any minuscule progress we’d made on this front. He has a shocking inability to accept or address criticism. My biggest fear with him is that he seems to double down no matter what and no matter how obvious the lie. His campaign’s inability to apologize and instead defame anyone who dares to question IS DANGEROUS. 

Now to address the third party voters: it is math time friends. This is a two party system we are working within. I posted a great video of how voting for a third party candidate hurts the candidate that you most align with (because you do align more closely with one than the other: see above). I also call total bullshit on you. If you gave a shit about third parties you would remember that more than every four years. You know what would legitimize the Green party? Bumping into your Green party city councilman at the grocery store. Or seeing your state house being a mix of blue, red and GREEN. Stop with the every four years butt-hurt. 

If feel more and more like this election will be a “what did you do during the war, daddy?” question in history. Pick a side and vote. Vote for Trump if lining up your values that is where they fall- though I will be sad because, to paraphrase Mitt Romney, racism should be a deal breaker.

But stop this “lesser of two evils” thing. It is juvenile and tiresome.


Titanium Spork said...

Preach sister!

Titanium Spork said...

I wish you would post this to FB. I would like to think the first part would resonate with a few people.

aeep said...

Maybe I will. I'll keep it in my pocket for the next time I want to strangle someone.

Kathy said...

Amen, ditto, and hell freaking yes. I just had a "do the damn math" about third parties and write-in candidates (?!?!) chat with someone last week. Ugh. I have been off Facebook for months for this very reason. I can't stomach it.

Kathy said...

I thought you might like this short article/opinion piece, especially once it gets cooking at the end:

Basically, Clinton is a politician with the weaknesses and challenges that come with any politician. Trump, on the other hand, is a dangerous fascist that we ignore at our peril.

After the second Bush election, I vowed to myself that I would never, ever be surprised by the stunning stupidity of many of my fellow citizens. I would never believe that what *I* thought was impossible was actually impossible. When my dad assured me last year that Trump could not possibly become the Republican candidate, I reminded myself, "Oh, yes, he definitely can." And, here we are. Me? Not surprised. Sad and scared, but not surprised.