Saturday, July 23, 2016

So that was a thing we did.

I usually have glowing reviews of our family adventures but we had a pretty clear adventure failure this weekend.

For our anniversary we went to San Juan island on the Clipper. We had planned to do a trip to Victoria BC for a few nights but thanks to work and that blasted Thomas the Train event we didn't have the time for Victoria. 

The boat ride there was fine. But we quickly realized that the slight freedom offered in a boat versus a car or plane was just enough rope for us to hang ourselves with (or for Andrew to swing on). The babies were restless and unrested. 

So by the time we got to San Juan- without real plans- we were tired. We refreshed the children at a park where Andrew swing and Miranda ate. Then we attempted to refresh ourselves with fish and chips. But by this point we were pretty beat and DREADING the boat ride home. We had noticed a kids play place (pay by the hour type of kids museum deal) and, though we weren't proud of how we were spending our day in the San Juan islands, we spent the best $7 of our lives and hung out in there. Miranda got to get down and crawl and Andrew got to run and play. Michael and I even got to sit down next to each other without them for minutes at a time. 
Michae quipped that we rode a boat three hours to play downstairs at our house. 

I'd love to say that the Clipper home was 100% better but it was much worse. Andrew was one the edge of crazy-man and tears 90% of the trip. 

By the time we docked I was counting the minutes until we could drop him in bed. He passed out before we got out of the parking lot. And was catatonic when we got home. He finally roused enough to brush teeth and potty. While dozing on the toilet he said "I had so much fun in that boat today mommy."
If Michael's smile looks like a hostage situation it was because it was 
Eh, she was fine. Just a baby with baby type needs. A solid B- for baby
Lagging behind him because it didn't want to get on the boat.
Tranquilizer dart finally kicked in!

Cons: see above
Pros: we saw common dolphins and humpback whales which were breaching and pectoral splashing and all sorts of showing off. Plus, I guess this is how family memories are made. Not always pretty. 


Kathy said...

Happy Anniversary?! I think? ;)

aeep said...

Very happy. There is no one else I'd rather be tortured with/make fun of my child with than him 😂😂😂