Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Oh little flamly

You are SO HARD but so awesome. 

Lately in the evenings Andrew has been hurrying through his evening checklist so he can come play in Miranda's room for a few minutes before bed. It is the absolute best. We all hang out in there-even princess occasionally graces us with her presence. 

Miranda thinks Andrew is the funniest thing she has ever seen. Andrew is sweetly ungenerous to her in the toy department but exceedingly generous with affection and live entertainment. Michael or I'll read a book and we will watch as Miranda shows off her latest trick. She now gets herself into a seated position like its nothing and it delights M and me to no end. 

The insanity that sometimes ensues after this lovely scene can be really insane. And the amount of crap to do after bedtime is somewhat soul crushing. But I guess that's how they keep you coming. The hard stuff is hard and tiring but the sweet is oh so sweet. 

Family pictures last weekend. 


Alicia said...

Wow those turned out great! What a BEAUTIFUL family. Nice MAMA! Even great pics of M and A alone! Gorgeous. Love it.

Kathy said...

Three?! How is this happening. I feel like such a granny when I say things like, "I blinked and he was 21," but it's true! I watch my coworkers try to balance work and family life, and I honestly don't know how they survive. It's all I can do most days to keep my little "family" afloat!

P.S. Jack turned 3 today. ;)

aeep said...

Happy birthday jack! He seems to keep you on your toes too.