Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Just enough

**the following ramblings can be filed squarely away in the "privileged problems " folder**

mr. Andrew's birthday is coming up. He's pretty excited about it. So are we. But I'm a little torn on how to make it special but not be ridiculous. 

I should preface this by saying that while I think a birthday is a cool big deal (and for three year olds, basically the most exciting thing ever) I don't like it to drag out. I apologize dear readers if you're one of these but I don't get the types that have a birthday week or month. 

That being said...I feel like Andrew's birthday has the potential to drag out. 

1. Day out with Thomas. When we went on his preschool field trip to the Snoqualmie Railroad we were given a brochure for this event. And Andrew has held onto and studied that brochure ever since. Since it is about a week before his birthday I mentioned maybe we could do it for his bday. 
Thanks for the brochure train museum!

2. A party. We are going to have a party. Likely cake and ice cream and snacks type party. But I want him to have one in our new home and be able to invite his preschcool and daycare compadres. 

3. His actual birthday. It falls on a Tuesday and I really want to take Miranda to daycare and have a date with my big boy. Michael too if he can swing it work wise. Maybe even take him to wild waves or the movies or something big.

All of that is a lot. I wish I hadn't connected Thomas with his birthday but the tickets were pricey and in my head they were related. The merriment outlined above would be a 10 day span and it makes me little weary and disappointed with myself just reading it. I'm torn because he isn't demanding or even really requesting all of the stuff above and some of it I/we sort of want to do as much for us as for him but it still seems a little bit much.  I always want him to feel loved and extra special on his birthday- I just think a week long celebration might be pushing it. 

Last year cupcakes at daycare on Friday and cousin party on actual bday on Sunday. Done and done. 

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Kathy said...

I vote for doing it all! Since few of us remember our third birthday, you won't actually be setting much of a precedent, right? :) You can always return to "one day only" celebrations next year. Happy, happy birthday to your little guy!