Sunday, October 12, 2014


So much of this parenting thing has been watching the shifts and clicks. The moments where something shifts in his personality or something clicks for him and he gets it. These can be awesome (most stuff) or obnoxious (his new screech).

These happen all the time and seem to be coming even more rapid fire these days.

Right now I am marveling at how much fun he can have at solo play. He has been doing such a lovely job entertaining himself lately. He has always been decent at it but he needed our help with maneuvering a lot of things and didn't have the kind of abilities he has now.

I've been sitting on the couch reading while he's been playing for the past half an hour. Sometimes he'll bring me something to show me but mostly he is just focused on his own thing.

I know it is natural progression but it does still blow my mind that the same little helpless kitten is already so independent. I'll be honest that sometimes it's hard for us to let him and we will jump in, mostly cause we like him and have fun playing with him.

he built that stack of 5 blocks and was using the cat toy to knock it down

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