Thursday, May 31, 2012

Defying Gravity, that cruel mistress

Tonight I met up with a friend and FINALLY checked out AIRobics at Sky High Sports.


This trampoline place is one of my favorite places in the area. We went for my sister’s birthday party last year and have been back a couple times since. I love tramp-ing so, so, so much. I feel very free and weightless. I am a flipper on a tramp and love that these ones are so spacious. Since I love the place, I was intrigued by the offering of a workout class. Normal tramp time is freaking exhausting so I was sure that the class would be brutal but fun.


I was right! It was super hard. The class started with warm ups, then squats and lunges on the trampoline. This added a degree of difficulty in that you’re much less stable on the wobbly surface. Then we started cardio intervals. This was a lot of jumping and a few group activities like ball passing and catching and relay races across the trampolines. Finally we did some core work on the trampoline. Again, because of the instability (and the fact that I have no core strength to speak of) this was tough.

It was a lot of fun. Even though it thoroughly sucked I could not stop smiling. I think you can’t help but smile whilst tramp-ing.

as a side note: While the class was going on there was open jumping on the front half of the gym. The population of that was ~90% teenage boys with killer moves. They were flipping and bouncing off the walls like pros. So, if you’re a teenage girl I highly recommend an evening at Sky High, for the jumping of course.

another side note: that much jumping is a tad hard on the bladder. I need to be sure to void beforehand and not drink too much and maybe get better about using this app.

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