Friday, May 25, 2012

I feel pretty

Every year or so I get hit by a deep desire to work on my image. usually this begins and ends with dealing with my hair. And, for the last 16 years, I have failed at this and been discouraged from continuing to work on it until I forget the failure about a year later an dthe cycle repeats.

This time, I have mostly given up on my hair. But I have found a fashion item that I am LOVING.


I love cute dresses and now I am starting to actually wear them! I decided a few months ago that I would dress up anytime I felt like it. Whether it was just M and me going to the movies or heading over to my family’s houses to hang out. If I wanted to get dolled up, I would.

In February, I finally bought my first purchase from after years of drooling over the fun, cute dresses they have there. I started out simple and fun with the Soda Fountain dress in Purple.


It is so cute! I have already worn it at least five times with different combinations of tights, boots and belts.



This one bolstered my resolve to wear cute dresses and I wore one everyday on vacation.



This is my favorite dress ever. I am also sporting the $2 sunglasses I picked up out of desperation/cheapness.

Terrible picture of this dress but the giant pile of whipped cream begged to be featured. I have since fashioned a dickie to close the very wide cleavage


I didn’t get a great pic of the dress I wore at Easter but it was maybe a slight bit young looking denim dress that I wore with a wide belt and calf high cowboy-ish boots.

(Edited to add a phone pic I took of the getup)
denim dress


Here is how I dressed the purple dress for summer when we went to see Improv tonight.
purple dress

(This is my official spot to have M take a picture of me so I can decide if I want to wear the outfit.)

Now the problem is that I can’t wear dresses to work. Maybe that should play into my career trajectory thoughts.


socalohana said...

Oooh, I've never heard of modcloth...I will spend the next hour or so checking out that site!

I love the jean dress/boot combo on you. So cute! Also, the black and white dress is super chic and stylish, but it looks comfortable, too. The purple dress looks like it will go with everything and I love that it is in your favorite color!

I need to dress up more. You have inspired me to browse modcloth and find something pretty =)

aeep said...

You're night owl!