Thursday, May 24, 2012

Summer approaches, let’s review the race plan

I have a confession. I’ve gotten REALLY lazy about planning summer fun runs/tris for myself. I have come to rely mostly on Sporks(DSF, haven’t changed the autolink in live writer) and random race deals I find to motivate me.

Case in point here is my schedule for the summer so far:

5/27 Good Karma 5K. DSF was kind enough to extend an entry to this race for me. It is at Seward Park which is a really beautiful park on  the edge of Lake WA. It looks like it’ll be small and adorable.

6/2 Iron Heart 8miler I bought a groupon for this one a long time ago and nearly forgot all about it until about a month or so ago. Luckily I had been doing a decent job of running since Mercer Island. This one is in my city which I am really looking forward to.

7/4 I am hoping to do the Firecracker 5000 again this year. Found this one viaa DSF as well and have done it every year with her and my sweetie. The race is aweosme since it starts at 11:55pm on the 3rd of July and runs through downtown Seattle in the dark.

7/21 Warrior Dash. I am blaming DSF 100% for this one. It is one of those obstacle races that gets you all dirty. I need to get busy training for the obstacle piece of this race.

8/12 Run for Your Rights 5k benefiting NARAL. This is a fun cute run that I’ve done a few times and LOVE the energy.


Now, did anyone notice any biking or swimming mentioned? No, neither did I. I am considering finding a half marathon sometime in early July, maybe a repeat of See Jane Run?

So, that’s the plan for now. Looking at it it seems fun and totally doable, regardless of what the months ahead bring. It makes me excited for the sunny summer mornings lined up for race starts (in actual daylight!).


Alicia said...

I am loving the blog updates! yeah for us blog watchers!

Alicia said...

I am loving the blog updates! yeah for us blog watchers!