Monday, May 21, 2012

Not much to say

I’d basically given up on the whole blogging thing but M said he wished I wouldn’t. That, and the fact that I need to do something has led me here tonight.

Lately I have felt really out of whack. There are things in life that are SO great and exciting and others that feel overwhelming, scary and tiring. I feel like my attitude has been an average of all that…a big old BLAH.

Even though I can’t decide what to do about the blahs and the unknowns I can at least acknowledge the stuff I am sure are great.


We went to Hawaii 

Our room in Waikiki was great, had an awesome view of Diamond Head.

We did an underwater scooter adventure that was really cool.

These submersible scooters were awesome and I have decided I am going to become an underwater motorcyclist.
We snorkeled a bit on the North Shore.
Shopped the International Marketplace (This was SO different than I remember, it was just a frenzy of vendors schlepping the same stuff. Still, fun to add my M to the people I’ve been there with).

We stayed on the North Shore for most of our trip.

With a trip over to Pearl Harbor.

And a trip to the Polynesian Cultural Center.

It was a great trip. The weather was amazing the whole time and it was fun to break away form the cloudy days of winter with my hubs.

We got back just in time for my sister Emily’s 14th birthday Wii Dance party. I had been pinning away cute décor and invites (THEY WERE SO CUTE!) and then it was time to put it all together. Emily and I dipped goodies in chocolate, made PowerAde ice cubes (my on the fly idea to make blue cubes which turned out to be super cool) and dyed cupcakes.

Everything looked awesome (if I do say)
The PowerAde floated on top of the lemonade when the ice cubes melted!

M, the sweetest BIL in the world, resurrected the photobooth from our wedding and the girls went to town. There was Wii Dancing, photo taking and snacking for a few hours. I think the party was a great success.

These are the standout fun things from April…and now it is the 21st of May Smile

*I’ve been running and have an 8 miler on June 2nd.
*I’ve been working but there have been layoffs and general morale rotting.
*We’ve been kicking butt in some of the nesting department (we cleaned the house like maniacs for our home appraisal) but dealing with obstacles in others.
*The days here have gotten longer, brighter and warmer and we’ve been taking good advantage of it.
* We are still chugging away with the Weight Watchers thing…it is easier some days than others.

Will report on some of these things this week. My goal is to blog everyday this week…we’ll see.


socalohana said...

amazing job with the party! weird how the powerade floated to the top.

I'm so glad M encouraged you to get on and blog. I love this update from you. Seeing your Hawaii pics definitely put a smile on my face!! You guys look so great!

Sunny days are ahead!

Titanium Spork (formerly Devil's Starchy Fingers) said...

I am glad to have you posting again. I miss your updates. Same for the hubs. Keep the posts coming. Maybe time for a new blog header though. :-)

The party looks great. You did a great job on it!