Sunday, May 27, 2012

Good Karma 5k

I hadn’t heard of this run but DSF told me about it when she graciously shared a silent auction win of race entry with me. It is a cool idea for a race; from a list you pick the charity of your choice to run for.

Sadly, DSF got sick and had to bow out for today. I attempted to take pics during the run to give her a thorough description of the race. It started at 9am at Seward Park which is a bit off the beaten path to get to but I finally figured out a quicker route which overjoys me.

The pre-race festivities included booths for the various charities. Runners were encouraged to bring non-perishable food donations, drop off old running shoes and there was even an animal adoption wagon.


We lined up at the start and the race kicked off right on time. It was a bit of a crush through the sidewalk width start line. It was pretty tight for the first quarter mile or so before we dispersed a bit. We were getting in our grooves until 0.5miles in when the route went up into the hills of Seward Park. It was a bit of a climb until mile 1. After a bit of up and down we were mercifully headed downhill and the rest of the run would be flat and smooth sailing.

I am semi-familiar with the route around the park and felt like we were getting close to the finish. As I was running and admiring the cute puppies racing too I came up behind a dog that looked like our friends’ rat terrier…it was him! And his owners were walking with him and their beagle. I said a quick hello and told them Id see them at the finish line. The last mile was good, my average pace was going steadily down. I actually pushed hard to the finish and was really pleased with my 9:17/mi pace.

But I sort of felt like crap. I really HATE how I feel when I run hard. I tried to regain control of my tummy while I waited to catch a pic of our friends crossing the finish line.

Afterwards we hung out for a few minutes. The post race was pretty slim but fun enough. The food was Dave’s Killer Bread. They had samples of the sin-dawg…OH MY GOSH, so good!
I said goodbye and then headed out to get a few more miles in so I could make this my long run.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Sporks! It was fun but I missed ya.

Now, we may all notice that I said I brought my camera, yet didn’t share any pictures. Yeah, running with a camera is HARD. Here are the gems I managed to get.
(There were at least 15 signs warning of poison oak!)
( I attempted to get a pic of Phil and Suzanne over my shoulder)100_3184


Yeah, photography FAIL.

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Titanium Spork (formerly Devil's Starchy Fingers) said...

Sorry I missed out on the race but I am glad you were able to go. Great morning for it. Dang nice pace too! Congrats. Especially because the Seward Park course has that ugly ass hill in it.