Saturday, May 26, 2012

Best Laid Plans

Despite what I said in my previous post about being good about making a food plan, this weekend went sort of off the rails. But, it is one of those instances where it was totally worth it.

Late last night I got a random message from a high school friend who lives in Seattle and another HS friend who was visiting. They invited me to brunch Saturday and I am really glad I went even though it wasn’t in my eating plan and I didn’t have a lot of time.

HS was a great time for me but I realize now how blissfully ignorant I was of many things then. We talked today about what a lovely oblivion it was and how much, looking back, we missed being self involved teenagers; homeless classmates, classmates with deaths in the family, etc. And even with each other, we all had things going on in our lives that others were really unaware of. The two classmates I was expecting to meet up with were presumptively completely opposite sides of the spectrum (at least from my vantage point); she the quiet and unassuming genius, he the hard pushing, in your face and PUSHING towards success. They wound up sharing Valedictorian in our class (which hadn’t ever really happened before) and the fact that they are still in touch is one of those things that makes me feel even more like I was out of touch with the real lives of people in HS.

The biggest realization was how OK I am not to be in HS. It was great but it feels like eons ago.
(I tried to find an old pic of us but it seems to be lost in my poor filing system.)

I could only stay for around an hour or so because I had a date.

My 2nd nephew, five year old Mateo, invited me over for a personalized party. He got my favorite foods (popcorn and pizza) and picked up some special lemonade. All for Michael, him and myself. It was a lot of fun. He read us a few chapters from a book, we played a game and did wall handstands.

We also created pizza cupcakes.
Because he’d gotten both pizza and popcorn, he and I tried popcorn as a pizza topping. It was quite tasty.
Michael wasn’t brave enough to try it but he enjoyed his as well.
After our party we headed to my Mom’s for BBQ. That was relatively healthy (until you throw in the copious chips I consumed).

So let’s review:

Plan Actual
Go for a run before meeting up with Mateo Went out to brunch with HS peeps
Eat a reasonable breakfast Eat restaurant breakfast
Stay on track whilst eating lunch with M&M Um, not terrible but still

You know what, totally worth it!

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