Thursday, February 3, 2011

A poem

Run then shred
Shred then run
Doesn't matter cause neither is fun.

I am on day 2 of February's 30 day (er, 28?) shred. This time I'm thinking to alternate levels every day to switch thing up.

I ran 9miles pretty fast on Sunday. Then felt horribly sick to my stomach for ~1hr. It is pretty frustrating really. I had been planning to write a post titled "I Ain't Got It" about how my body has decided to violently reject long runs. But that was before I wrote the literary gem above. Plus I am feeling less dramatic about it 4days later.

Shredding on the road is my next challenge. No one weighed in on whether I could check handweights without issue.

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1 comment:

The Devil's Starchy Fingers said...

Use the super expensive bottled water they try to sell you instead of weights. Maybe not quite as heavy but will still sort of work.
Also, you could use the fitness room where they probably have weights.

Have fun!