Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wedding post #10: We're moving to the east coast!

Yeah right. Yuck!
But I do feel like it'd help our wedding decor significantly.

When I lived in CT I LOVED (loved!) a store called the Christmas Tree Shop. It was weird and awesome. They just sell random stuff. I'm actually not sure what took me inside one the first time but once I saw the world of cheap/cute things, I was hooked. They sell lots of home decor items, door hangers for all occasions (my sister still hangs the Halloween one she got there), cute ceramic and glass dishes and a whole slew of kids personalized items. It is weird and fun.

I was determined to visit the store on my little trip to Mass. Luckily for me there was a store only 3.8miles away. Score! I jumped into a cab to go see my cute, fun, random, cheap stuff. A $23 cab ride later (haha) i was there. And they did not disappoint. There were still adorable things all over. Our house could have been decorate dot the nines for Valentines and prepared for Easter all for under $20. They had a line of Victorian tea pots and serving dishes (would be amazing for a dessert buffet or a bridal shower tea party). They had candles as far as the eye could see, both standard and flameless (more on this later). There were all types of lanterns and assorted baskets.
Sigh, so much stuff that could be potentially very useful. But I didn't know what exactly we'd need and there was no way to get it all home anyway.

So I walked away.
But not without a couple fun things:

I got the most adorable birthday bunting ($2.99), If the colors were right I'd try to get the letters off to use the bunting.

Fairy bags for my little girl attendants ($0.79)

Personalized barrettes for my flower girl ($2.99)

Other random assorted stuff (namely musical cards)

(all that plus a $23 cab ride)
Their logo...

Why yes, I DO!

When I was done there I decided I could manage the T to get home (my old Roomie will probably look back fondly at this) by taking the Orange line to the red line and getting off near MIT.

Took me WAY too long to find the T station (Sullivan Station). Like, an hour and i think I walked 2miles or so. But once on the train I was all good.

So, east coast here we come Captain!


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socalohana said...

My eyes got so big when I read the title of your post!

I totally remember the commercials they used to air in Boston for the Christmas Tree Shops =). I love that you made time to get there during your trip!