Thursday, February 3, 2011

Wedding post #9: Go-go Wedding Glo-site

So we’ve officially signed up for our glosite ( It is an electronic event organizer with digital wedding stationary. I first saw this on and was immediately in love with how modern and smart (and well suited to my ineptitude in paper crafting) this approach is. I love it. Mainly cause invitations aren’t something that I care too much about. I have looked and looked and there isn’t anything that grabs me. Plus I have a deep seeded editor fear; once you print something and send it along, that is locked. I love the flexibility of xml (M, correct me if that isn’t the appropriate term). I am excited to try to make it an interactive site and get guests info and input.

I am having the same issue on Glo that I have in the real world though. I am not finding a template that works for me. So we’re setting out to design a pretty pretty special one.

I hope people find it useful and that we will actually make sprucing it up a wedding priority. It is gonna be sweet! We get to ask our guests questions and get more real time info. Hopefully it doesn’t blow too many minds that there is no “Formal Invite to Follow.” Well, no, there will be a formal invite…just electronic. Hopefully that will blow people’s minds, for the better.


The Devil's Starchy Fingers said...

My one recommendation is make sure you BOTH know how to update and make changes to it. We couldn't find a "wedsite" we liked with a look that we liked so Kevin wanted to create one from scratch. He did a great job but I don't know how to edit the dang thing. He showed me once about four months ago. At least once a week since I have uttered the phrase "can we please have another tutorial on the website". It desperately needs updating and love.

We HAVE to start updating ours so it can actually be useful. Also, our design has NOTHING to do with the ultimate look for the wedding and I am trying to decide if I give a damn.

Can't wait to see what you guys cook up!

speedyDMD said...

I can't wait to see what you and M have come up with!