Sunday, February 6, 2011

This zone is for passenger loading of face

I have a weird issue with thinking that airports are calorie free zones. Not sure why that is. Ideas:
May be simply that I'm excited to see some old favorite brands that we don't have where I live now.

May be that I just need a drink to fight airport dehydration and just lack willpower.

Either way, I just had a bagel thin at what is really 4am my time.

And it wasn't even yummy. Thus possibly ruining my appetite for munchkins when I get to beantown (see idea #1 above)

In other news, I am at 20miles this week, without a Sunday run yet.

Time to potty and brush before my next flight.
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1 comment:

socalohana said...

I'm so with you regarding airports and calorie free zones. The last time I was at the las vegas airport, I believe I ate Popeye's chicken tenders for breakfast!