Tuesday, January 25, 2011

DTFTB. Vol 8

I feel like I have very little to blog about despite lots of things going on. Lets see

1. Work. This year has already been a doozy. Working for such a small company (and one that has to deal with the realities of biotech finance) is sort of nuts. I wonder how this experience will shape the rest of my career. Check out the sweet plate spinner M and I made!

2. Weather. I am pained that I can barely remember the last time it was sunny. I'd be stalking travel sites like a madwoman looking for sunny deals were it not for three or more things (saving vacation time, saving $, not being able to miss much work). Oh well. I am heading to sunny and warm Boston (in opposite world) for work.

3. Exercise. I've been running. I will shred again in February. Can you carry on hand weights? I'll be in Boston feb 5-9. It will be cold and i can't imagine heading outdoors for a run. But I'll shred in my hotel room.
4. Wedding. I vacillate between feeling chill about getting things done and stressing. I also am giving myself an ulcer trying to figure out how to make our guest's lives happy and easy and help them enjoy Seattle (so they'll move and live here forever, muahhaha). I feel like half a total ass and half the luckiest (do you like how I picked words that both mean 100%?) person ever to have gotten a yes from my two long distance bridesmaids. I will still understand if either of them aren't up for it.

5. Life. My honey and I had the most awesome time celebrating our 105-week-iversary (hi DSF!). It was really mainly a coincidence that the musical I got tickets to fell on such an auspicious day. We went to the Pantages in Tacoma (where we had our first date 2 years and 1 week before). The show was Spring Awakening which I can't recommend more highly! It was just like our first date except he'd gotten us a hotel room for afterward, which I think we all agree would have been a message two years ago. The next day we went to the Glass Museum in Tacoma. It was AMAZING! I am seriously taking up glass blowing. Well, probably not but it was cool.

That's pretty much all I have to report. We are a fee stops from the transit center now, thanks for killing time.

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Ali said...

does it work???!!! (the plate spinner) That thing is sooooo cool.