Friday, January 14, 2011

Wedding post #8: the penmanship conundrum

I write like a 2nd grader with ADD. Basically no one who has seen my handwriting would argue with that statement either. It's awful.

I've learned to live with the shame of it and am decently good at figuring out a workaround solution but all this wedding stuff is putting it front and center.

I'm excited that using electronic invitations will limit my handwritten/handcrafted communications to thank you notes. But lots of little projects that I'm thinking about or have tried require writing and it is depressing.

Probably the most important requirement for DIY chic is how well executed the project is. I want people to like the result, and not because they think it's sweet that my six year old nephew did it.

The obvious workaround is outside labor. Sadly M's writing, while better than mine, is more like a 7th grade boy. I like my mom's but she isn't around when am ready to craft during (for example) Modern Family commercials.

The solution, some things will be written in my scrawl, most will be typed and I'm sure some outsourcing will happen.

On a related note, I am also a crappy typist. So I'm working on that. I figure I need to easily be able to use at least one mode of communication.

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