Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Oh, Amber

What do you do when you're kinda down and it's wintry and snowy and you don't feel like running (even in your nice warm house on a treadmill)?

Attempt to eat your feelings. Which is pathetic right now since we've MAJORLY cleaned up our eating and cabinets. It actually equalled a Clementine and the rest of the dried cranberries from cookie making (a sad little handful), totally unsatisfying.

Finish reading the whole Internet.

Make a half assed attempt to try out your new foam roller.

Sign up for a half-marathon.

So, yeah. Mercer Island half in March...anyone in?

According to Hal, I am running a half this weekend so it is a light week with two rest days. I had completely forgotten that he only has the novice plan go up to 10 miles before their race. I am hoping to build my mileage up a lot more before MI. I also need to run some more terrain since MI is relatively hilly.

I have ridden MI many times and it was actually the first ride I ever took on Goldy and my first ride with Team in Training. It is a great bike ride but when I think of doing some of the rollers on foot I shudder a bit.

Oh well. It is three months away and by then, we will have changed our clocks and the sun will shine more and life will be overall brighter!


The Devil's Starchy Fingers said...

Well looky there...Hal has me running 13 miles that weekend. Hmmmm...might be a good tune-up for Eugene and give me a better idea of potential marathon finishing time. Hmmmmm..........

speedyDMD said...


I am so proud of you. Your motivation is inspiring!

Now hurry up and rub off on me so we can pick a race to do together!

(BTW, I thought we had cleaned our cabinets out pretty well...until I found some peppermint bark!)