Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Wedding post #6: Unstrap my heart?

OK, I may later deny saying this but...I like strapless dresses.


This is a startling turn of events that I need to process. I still hate the idea of hiking up my dress and worry that throughout the day my decolletage will head south. But I have liked how they look and am starting to think that straps tend to weigh me down or make me look extra short.

I would post pics of me in a couple of styles but haven't decided my final feelings on M seeing me all bride-y or not (and since I can't make him un-see things I need to decide that first). Message me if you want pics :P

My dress shopping experience has been kinda pitiful to date, mainly because I'm a cantankerous old lady apparently. I find it RIDICULOUS (my Omi's favorite word to use when exasperated) that you need to make an appointment at the mega-chains -looking at you David!- to try on dresses. My experience at one David's Bridal was so strange. I got there and was told I needed and appointment. We wandered the quite empty store a bit looking sad and the host at the door took pity (on a potential paying customer) and said I could try on 3 dresses. When one of the many free employees took me back to the dressing room she was told that I only could do 3. The hostess had measured me and told me my size and between my mom and I we picked 3 dresses. One was lace with wide straps fit-and-flare, one was an A-line with spaghetti straps and the final was strapless fit-and-flare but they only had this one in a size down from what the hostess had suggested.

The first dress was pretty but the straps and heaviness of the lace made me look short. The second dress didn't have any shape and made me think that A-line is a no-go. The caveat is that the first two were too big and without anyone with giant clips they looked kind of dumpy. The third fit great and I loved the shape. Without the straps I felt taller, too.

This is where the trip got really strange/annoying to me. I figured that one of the many employees wandering around would decide to join us and maybe grab a few dresses or offer shoes/veils/general tips, you know, acknowledge our presence. But it was crickets. I reluctantly took off the third dress (it is a good sign that I didn't want to take it off) and got dressed. Then I asked the hostess about pricing on dress number three (I think I kind of loved it) and she pointed me to a sign...huh? Seems like when a customer actually acts like they might buy something you could perk up a bit. Very strange.

 I absolutely feel like Say Yes to the Dress has made all salons feel like they should attempt to take on an air of aloofness and elitism. Earth to David's Bridal... You are the big box store. People go to you for price and convenience.

But like I said I am just an old grouch and have to get over it.
Good news though is that trying on dresses is WAY less traumatic than I thought it would be and I think, in the end, will require less therapy afterwards than I was expecting.

So, I need to do more dress shopping after I get the required licenses and permits and the 3 letters of recommendation. But I'm confident I'll find something now. And, just maybe it'll be sans straps.

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socalohana said...

I totally need to see pics of the potential dress choices!! I love the look of strapless wedding dresses and think you would look amazing in one!

I can't believe you had such a bad/odd experience at David's Bridal!