Tuesday, August 19, 2008

What goes up must come down

And I guess that includes a swim ladder.

I had a great and unexpected swim workout last night. I was originally headed to downtown Seattle to go phone bank for NARAL to help get out the vote for today's bizarre primary that no one in King county knows or cares about. But I was late, parking sucked and, truthfully, I was just plain feeling antisocial so I bailed. I felt just awful for it and knew I had better fill that time with something productive. So, since I had my swim stuff with me, I went for a pool workout.

It was a pretty good one and I feel like I got in a little speed/pushing and a bit of distance work too. I left the workout sheet I normally go by at home so I had to design my own.

Did a warm up, 10x50 on 1min, a longish ladder (50yd rungs up to 300, with 15sec rest between on the ascent and 20sec on descent), and a cool down with some stroke work.

It was really good. I did some turns (that looked and felt terrible) and hit the time intervals with no problem. I am noticing how much I lose technique when I get tired. I am going to focus on this and start switching some of the stroke drills to after the main set.

Last night really motivated me to find a master's group to workout with once in a while. I really like a well planned out and full workout.

I still feel like a bum for not phone banking so, if you are reading this and are in WA State, today is a primary election and be sure to support the candidates who protect a woman's access to her choice of healthcare.

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