Monday, August 11, 2008

Bricks, flats and first times

Well, it finally happened. And I must say it sucked more than I thought it would, but it could have been worse.

I got my first flat tire. 8/10/08, Seward Park swim beach parking lot.

But to get the full lameness of the situation we have to back up 24hours before that. I went to a party at a TEAMmate's where I met some really nice people, a few of whom are doing the Danskin Triathlon next weekend. I wasn't quick enough to sign up so I will be volunteering at this event. It was both of these ladies 1st tri. One of them was telling us that her training group did a run through of the event that day (Transitions and all that good stuff) to which the other newbie said "I haven't done any of my workouts as combinations (or bricks as we know and love them)."

Well, GASP! What is training without a brick?

So I, the wise and seasoned athlete that I am said, "you should try to get one in beforehand even just to practice the transitions (because we all know even Cher has to rehearse her costume changes)"

To which she said, "I can't get anyone to do it with me"

So I, the lame-o who forgot how much I wanted to sleep in, said "I'll do it with you, how about tomorrow morning"

So that is why I was at Seward Park in the first place. I was there to impart my wisdom but instead I became a royal pain in the ass.

It took forever for me to realize that my tire needed changing (I am pretty daft and I just pumped it up 2 times before deciding that hey, maybe the problem is bigger than that) AND I had a scheduling issue that made me need to cut it short.

Hopefully she got to work out in her mind how she's going to setup and go through transition.

I feel like one of my hard learned lessons was passed on to her though:

Wear a hat on the run because, you 1st triathlon finishing picture is forever.

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