Monday, August 4, 2008

I <3 Hal!

Hal Higdon that is.

Hal was my very first running coach/advisor and confidant (and all without his knowledge).

I vaguely remember hearing about his programs from my grad school roommate but this was when I only ran when chased. So fast forward 3 years to when SpeedyDDS coerced helped me decide to train to do a 1/2M, I looked him up.

Not having run one step, I printed out the 1/2M novice training schedule. But that had me running 3miles in the first week, HA! I managed to get through school taking PE exactly 1 time and then, despite my best efforts, I can't say I ever completely ran more than one lap (at the time I said "Bless you Mrs. D-B for letting us walk the straights!").

So I cooled my aching heels a bit and printed out the 5K schedule and bought his book and started shuffling along on the treadmill.

Now it is 1 ½ years later and I did that 1/2M and that turned to motivation to do a triathlon but did that turn into the motivation to run a full?

Hmmm, I just don't know. But I did print out the fullM novice 2 schedule. Ahhhhh!

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