Thursday, August 7, 2008

Seems ridiculous

Is it lame to get REALLY tired at a job that requires very little physical exertion?

After learning that the brain is the biggest/highest priority glucose(sugar!) hog in biochemistry in college we joked that this was the reason we needed study snacks. Since our brains were using up so much glucose when we studied, get it? But my friends and I being lame is not the issue. The issue is that whenever I get really busy at work I get exhausted and hungry and I think it is from using my brain too much (it is not as well trained as my body I guess, hehe).

When I used to work out in the morning, this was fine. But now I have to truly convince myself to push through sleepies and get my training done.

Yesterday for example was ridiculous. I needed to do a 5mile pace run (according to Hal) and I wanted to try to hit a spin class (according to myself because I have neglected my biking recently). Well, let's just say the spinning went out the window and I only humored Hal by running a sad 5 miles.

Today I AM spinning and doing a 3mile recovery run. I AM, unless my couch is feeling neglected too.

On a semi-related topic, Nature podcasts is using this image, which I think they designed based on me! It does make me feel better that headphones are acceptable in lab to the Nature people.

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