Wednesday, August 27, 2008

"Ask her, she does triathlons"

This is a quote from a woman in my spin class. About me!

At first I was very confused and was not sure how she knew such a thing. But then I realized my Yankz and tri-shorts were secondary to the giant hint of my TNT Tri shirt.

This week is testing my ability to get in my training whilst trying to have some sort of life. And it has been going well (although tomorrow is the big test).

Went to happy hour with the neighboring labs in our building tonight which was great fun. I find that living alone and kind of becoming a recluse lately has made me an attention hog in group settings. I never thought I was an inurupter until recently. Ugh, I was annoying myself. 2 people there are swimmers so it was fun to talk to them about local swimming holes and another woman had taken a tumble on her bike today so we got to hear that scary story.

The best thing is that afterwards I got my 6mile run in. It felt good to get the best of both worlds.

(sadly, I was prep'ing my lunch for tomorrow and managed to eat ~2 servings of pasta afterwards. Sigh. I realize I'm a work in progress but COME ON, this is some seriously slow progress.)

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