Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wedding post #14: new invite

Reading some of the elaborate invitations that people on weddingbee come up with I have decided we’re sending out these:

Picture it-

A shoe box sized box arrives at your door. It is insulated (while remaining attractive of course) and warm inside. At the bottom of the box is a small nest with two hand painted eggs. The eggshells have a date delicately painted on them. The eggs are gingerly sitting above a delicate vintage handkerchief hand embroidered with all the info typically on a formal invitation (you are cordially invited, etc. etc.). Before you can unwrap that to read it in full the two eggs hatch into baby white doves which are bred to specifically take flight on the date that had been painted on the eggs. Our wedding date.

The scary thing is that if my father was Russian Czar centuries ago we may have tried to make this happen and the scarier thing is that David Tuttera might try today.

Come my loyal readers, give me your most ridiculously out there invite idea

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The Devil's Starchy Fingers said...

Don't you dare post this on any wedding will give those people ideas.