Friday, June 3, 2011

FINALLY going (going) back to (back to) Cali (Cali)

It had been almost 2 years since I visited CA to see friends and family! Crazy and ridiculous.

My mom and I went for our as-close-family-as-it-gets friend's 6th grade graduation. This little girl is very special to me because her mom was awesome to me especially while in college. Her baby was born in 99 the year I started college and they'd pick me up on the weekends and hang out. They were such a great part of my life and babyV grew up to be as fun as she was adorable.

My mom (who babyV is named after) came too! She has been doing terribly healthwise so I was worried but it turned out great.

I also got to meet babyJ, the new addition to the Roomie's family. He is so stinkin cute and she is even cuter (if possible) as a mommy. I loved getting to chat in person after WAY too long.

So this weekend

We played games (this is babyJ, he was born after I moved away:( )


I took the kids to school

Visited with babyJ and the Roomie (not pictured)

Went for a walk (not pictured)

Went to graduation

Reminisced about when she was this size

All in all a great long weekend.

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socalohana said...

I'm sooo happy we were able to meet up! Can't wait to see you in July! Thanks again for the Seattle themed gifts! Loooved those ginger caramels...may have to get some more...

I've been reading the picture book to Jacob and he has been licking the he loves it!