Saturday, June 11, 2011

Redeeming quality of cats

And yes, that is singular on purpose Smile

The redeeming quality that these cats have is that they really help with my cool aunt status. The boys LOVE them. It is hilarious and adorable.

Four year old nephew Cuckoo Head is staying here tonight. It is his first time spending the night but his big brother has been coming to my house since I lived in Seattle and usually gets shown an amazing time. I don’t really have hard plans for Cuckoo, we went to a super cool playground before coming to the house. When we got here this evening he was so excited to see the cats. Following them around (as they tried to walk away) telling them his name in a singsong voice. Asking over and over again who was who. Repeatedly checking on their whereabouts. He was so happy to give them their treats and took the advice that he should guard his pizza from them to heart. Informing me he knows pizza is not good for cats.

They’ve been attempting to make themselves scarce and he is being pretty good at respecting that.

M worries that they’ll gauge his eyes out and he’ll spend the remainder of our lives together being blamed for our blind nephew. I’m sure he’d be feeling more reserved about encouraging (really facilitating) their interaction but I’m willing to risk permanently maiming my loved one because a) the odds are very low b) he loves it SO MUCH (and c) the biggest reason is that I am supervising and he is being gentle and calm).

Their dad is deathly allergic to cats so I know it will remain a new and crazy experience for awhile and I plan to savor it.

In all other areas…let’s just say the cats have made me see where the wicked stepmother character comes from/


TheCaptain said...

I'm glad there's at least one thing you can get behind. :D

TheCaptain said...

I'm glad there's at least one thing you can get behind. :D

The Devil's Starchy Fingers said...

It's good for the little buggers to get scratched a little. It teaches them to respect things with sharp teeth and pointy parts. We were just talking today that if we spawn we won't mind if the kids get scratched some. Builds character. BTW, open your heart to pets, they are good for you.

The Devil's Starchy Fingers said...

I forgot my smiley emoticon on the previous post. :-) I bet the kitties love you!!!

aeep said...

Yeah, they're not my bag. Keeping pets seems like a strange human trait that doesn't make direct sense. But it makes my man (and my nephs) happy so I try to grit my teeth.

Nah, i say anything shy of the double eye gauge is a opportunity for learning