Monday, June 6, 2011

It was a miracle!

So, I went for a walk in preparation for the ridiculous 3-day. I was planning on Galloway-ing it since I technically have a half-marathon to deal with in July and am thinking that Galloway may be the way to tackle it while still prepping for the 3-day. But as I was leaving M agreed to walk with me so I went out for a 2mile run and came back to pick him up. We walked down new streets (to us) in Redmond and came across a stretch of the Powerline Trail which cuts through Redmond from the Lake Sammamish Trail. My soft goal was a 4 mile walk but I am cruel and didn’t tell M this but was silently tracking our distance on my Garmin which was in the pocket it is often in on my runs.

We walked for a while and when I checked my Garmin we’d done 2.5 miles. Soon after that we headed back. We chatted and tried to figure out our city’s geography. We’d just about reached our main street when I realized that my Garmin was gone. Ugh. By this point we were kind of ready to be back and start our day…and I wanted to eat breakfast. But we trudged back and I went up and down the trail, further than we’d walked even in case someone had picked it up and set it down going the other direction. But no luck.

M and I had separated and I called him to tell him the sad news (and beg a ride) when a runner came up behind me. I asked her if she’d seen it and she said YES! So I picked up my pace and ran to where she saw it but it was gone.

This is pretty much where I thought the story would end.

But NO! Later that evening we got a knock on the door. A couple in workout gear asked if I was about 29 years old. I admitted to that and they pulled out my long lost (it had been ~7hours by then) Garmin! Yay! I hugged them and ushered them in and we lavished them with gifts and money. Not really, I was sort of dumbfounded and just kept thanking them and saying wow and smiling until they must have felt uncomfortable and walked away.

So not only have I gotten my Garmin back, I also got a little boost in faith in humanity. Most people are nice so I guess it makes putting up with the rest worth it and I am going to try to be a little nicer myself.

Plus, retracing my steps probably bumped me up to 8-10miles that day. 60 miles here I come (slowly, and probably with blisters)!

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The Devil's Starchy Fingers said...

That is so cool! Fellow runners know what a Garmin means to someone. Did they follow the GPS directions back to your home? I have never actually used the mapping function on mine and didn't know it was that accurate. A happy story!