Monday, June 20, 2011


I think I am liking the whole run walk thing.

Yesterday I managed to do 9.75miles and felt really great.

I did 2' walking 3' running for 10 intervals (keeping an 11' pace which is not that much slower than my typical long run pace) and by that point I was nearly five miles out!

I turned around then and switched to 3'walk and 2' run for the way back.

It wasn't the fastest but it was further than my untrained booty could've done and I really felt good.
I also think it is helping me feel and realize the difference between walking and running which is bigger than I once thought.
is it possible to need different shoes for walking than for running? I don't have a history of heel discomfort in my shoes but all this walking feels so hard on my feet and heels especially.

On my (stupidly long) to do list is going to a shoe shop to get pro advice.

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speedyDMD said...

When I was in SD I went to Roadrunner Sports and asked one of the workers. He said that basically what I'm using for running (Asics Kayano) will be fine for walking. He did suggest insoles, which I bought, but haven't tried. Let me know what you find out. :o)

brickstrainingmomma said...

I too went to Roadrunner in Kent (Kent Commons) and they did the analysis for me - I skipped the custom insoles though - I think the Balanced Athlete is out by you too, they may have fitting services. It was free at Roadrunner and if you spend 1.99 for a year's worth of their VIP membership you get 10% off everything. Join Raise the Bar and you get other sponsorship benefits which I can't share with non-members ;). Are you having heel pain or achilles pain? if it is Achilles pain I can share what I have learned on some prevention and treatment since after my race I had a nasty case of achilles tendonitis for some reason. Also, was your course more hilly than usual? That could explain some of the difference in strain on your heels or achilles.