Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wedding Post #13: Keratin, melanin, etc.

(though really shouldn’t be a wedding thing)
It is sort of sad but true that a wedding is a kick in the pants to get some of the nagging things that bother you about yourself straightened out. Maybe it is the fact that you’re about to permanently take on a whole other person’s probably numerous (except my M…perfection) flaws that you think it is best to get your act together.

Weight, style, makeup, jewelry are on my list but MUCH higher than that are SKIN and HAIR (nails also fit the title of the post and they bug me too).
Skin: I tried tackling this head on. I remembered the sage advice of my college Roomie. She said that the most important thing with skin care was consistency. So I decided to take on a 3 prong (think proactive…hey, if cleanser(BP), toner (SA) and moisturizer (lowSA) work for Justin Beiber…). And I took it on full force. Every morning and night, religiously. The first weeks (as warned) were UGLY and painful. Then ---Right back to my standard blotchiness. Then, I went to Vegas. Benzoyl peroxide products warn strongly to wear SPF and I did. But apparently not enough. My face felt like sand paper. It was not right. It was as though the UV light disintegrated any tight junctions between my face cells and they were all free to wrinkle up or fall or otherwise evacuate my face. It scared me away from my regimen BIG TIME and now I am back to Cetaphil and Olay morning/night. I couldn’t deal.

So what is my next move? I have looked up dermatologists in my insurance network. But do I just call one up? What will she do? How long will it take before my skin becomes an amazing palette (and doesn’t disintegrate in the sun…very important to me)


I am more optimistic on this one. I have decided to get a Brazilian blowout. I go in for it on Saturday and I may have let my hopes get a bit too lofty. I am imagining shine and relaxed (relative to what I have that should be expected). I will report back with progress on the hair front or you’ll see me in a Pantene commercial (though I won’t be able to use/nor do I use now Pantene…sulfates. Not a curly girl’s friend).

Self improvement is hard!

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The Devil's Starchy Fingers said...

Can't wait to see what your hair looks like! Post pics (or at least send them to me)!