Monday, May 2, 2011

Hair update

I got a Brazilian blowout this weekend.

Nope, that isn't a before shot. That is my new hair wet.

My new hair dry.

I like it. It is just strange that it's still so curly.

The process was pretty simple. She washed my hair with a stripping shampoo then combed the product through. Then blew it dry and flat ironed it (it was really straight and shiny at that point, I wish I'd taken pictures). The, the horror, she washed it! Making my straight hair curly again.

The products for upkeep scare me and I am nervous to go swimming for fear it will shorten my time with my new more manageable hair.

And my hair IS more manageable but very curly. I still don't know how to style curls. It is so soft Which is also foreign to me.

I guess I feel like this is closer to the hair that people envy but I am still a bit uncertain.

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Judy said...


The Devil's Starchy Fingers said...

It is so shiny and pretty. I would love to see pictures of what your hair looked like down before you got this done. Wouldn't your hair be OK in a swim cap?