Saturday, April 9, 2011

Wedding post #11: random things

Some pretty random wedding type things:

I read a post on that said something I thought was genius

Our wedding won't revolutionize the practice. I like that, feels like it takes off some of the (probably self appointed) pressure to have it be clever or extra special. M one-upped this by reminding me that it is special to US and revolutionary in our lives. I like this little reminder. Takes me back to the point I was at initially, excited to get to see all of our loved ones coming together to witness/celebrate our commitment.
We picked a cake baker! Neither of us have grandiose cake dreams but if we develop them in the next 3 (!) months Mike's Amazing Cakes can certainly handle it. We went to both an open house and a private consultation and all of the cake was really tasty. They have open tastings every month so we can go visit cake if we NEED to. They were also super chill and clear on how the design process works.

It is almost time for dress alterations and such. I am terrified of lingerie. Need to get on some options and maybe consult with a tailor. I'm praying some support can be built in since fewer the moving parts the better.

I'm getting excited to start working on the ceremony. I sent my tween-ers an adorable reading that I'm super excited about.

We took engagement pictures and I am burning through the screen life of my phone checking the photog's Facebook, blog and my email. I will report back with more photo shoot details when we (finally) see the pics. Our photographer is due with her first baby in 3 would be so rude if she went into labor before getting us our pics. :)

That's about it. I'm on a plane with M now headed to Vegas for a long weekend (well, he for a conference and I am just tagging along for the weekend).

I am desperate for sunshine so I hope the desert comes through!

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