Friday, April 1, 2011

My day

Ok, so I has to use or lose a vacation day. This sent me into a whatdoido panic! But I pulled it together and wound up having an awesome and awesomely productive day.
Slept in (ie woke up at 8:30a).
Watched ANTM in bed.
Got up and threw some laundry in while I had coffee.
More laundry during breakfast and watching part of Eat, Pray, Love (snoozefest... and I thought the book was slow).
Showered and headed to Target to return stuff and pick up Rx.
Ran into home depot to return something there.
Bought a Shark mop at BBB.
Met up with my sweetie at his work for lunch (we stopped in to the visitor center and my wedding centric head thought what a cool space it would be for an event).

Went to Michael's.
Stopped in for the pedicure I'd promised my snaggly feet after mercer island.

Went home and finished laundry and started dinner.
Shark mopped the floor (meh, not super impressed).
Snaked the shower drain (M said I couldn't post the horrific picture I took of the giant hairball, reminded me of bio haus days).
Set the table for dinner and waited for my man.

I feel like I totally rose to the occasion! The only thing that didn't happen was finding a group class at the gym. I figured there'd be mid day cycling classes but they were all at 5ish by when I was lazy to venture out again. There were mid day "Silver Sneakers" classes I could have hit up :)

I totally feel like I'm 12yrs old and I got all of my annoying weekend chores done so I can play without nagging myself.

I'm taking every Thursday off!

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socalohana said...

Ha! as soon as you mentioned snaking the drain, i immediately thought of bio haus, too! i think they left the nasty hairball in the bathroom on purpose to let us know how gross it was!

TitaniumSpork said...

It is a solid sign of my adulthood that your day of getting errands and chores done sounds like a lot of fun. Someday I will live the dream. Glad you enjoyed your day.

Anonymous said...

Esther: Seriously it is shameful...this one yesterday was all me though, ew.

Ann-Marie: Um, hellow tehre was a hot lunch date, a museum, target and a pedicure. That's the best of both worlds

speedyDMD said...

I have to admit... I smiled at the Bio Haus comment!