Wednesday, April 13, 2011

CAUTION: You may gag from the cuteness

We got the first glimpse of our engagement pictures. I like them. They are growing on me for sure; I can’t bring myself to close the browser that they’re open in and keep sneaking a peak. It is so strange seeing your formal pic as an adult. I could pick them to pieces about wrinkly forehead, wonky eyes, rolls where no rolls are wanted, but I really do see past all of that and am starting to love how we managed to capture this stage in our life. I told M, this is our first family portrait and I am SO glad we had the chance to do it.

I was SUPER nervous about the shoot itself. Plus, we rescheduled for rain and that kept the anticipation high. I made my very first EVER appointment to have my hair did. I picked Swink Style Bar , an adorable little blow dry bar that I pass everyday on the bus. I liked it because they specialize in styling (no cuts, no color) and it seemed straight forward. But I was really nervous that they wouldn’t know what to do with my hair. I was relieved when the stylist I got was mixed (sorry, that might be bad but it is true) and had similar hair to mine. My confidence in her let my guard slip when she strongly suggested that I wear my hair down. Ugh, I HATE my hair down, cause it catches a slight mist and before you know it I am a troll doll. But she insisted and since she knew what I was dealing with I agreed (if a stick straight-blondie had suggested I would have laughed myself out of the salon…I am prejudiced like that I guess). I felt like this was a mistake immediately when I stepped out the door into the wind. It looked pretty but I knew it was going to be a pain. Still, I liked Swink and would go there every day to get my hair done if it was possible. Not sure if I want them to do my bridal hair (partially on principle since, by virtue of being bridal hair it is 5X the cost of a special event updo…huh? And partially cause I think their styling might be limited)

We met up with our photographer at Gas Works Park in Seattle, not a block from my old apartment and one of the places we’d wander on dates. So it is a special place to us and a million other couples getting pics taken there :) . We did semi-dressy (a skirt for me and jacket for M). Having pics taken is the most ridiculous thing ever. We were cracking up, and kissing and cracking up while kissing. Devon was great in giving us some instruction but mainly letting us hang out. My hair by this time was crazy and I was (still am) worried that I was ruining all the pics with my crazy mane. Before moving to our next location (Fremont Sunday Market in our favorite t-shirts) I pulled it pack into a low pony. All in all it was really fun and surprisingly more difficult than I’d imagined. We napped when we got home.

I’m happiest that my #1 worry (that our photographer wouldn’t work out) feels so much better. I felt like not only was she easy to work with and friendly, I also like the pics she took and think she’ll be great.

My other objective with this shoot was for us to get in front of the camera. I think in the pics I look more awkward than M. I have to try not to talk with my eyebrows on our wedding day!

My absolute fave pic from what we’ve seen so far:

Isn’t he adorable! This is such a great shot and I am really glad Devon got one of him by himself. I love it.

Without further ado

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socalohana said...

LOVE!! LOVE!! LOVE these pics of you two sweeties!! Your long flowing curls are gorgeous...I'm glad you left it down for some of the pics. The casual ones are also super cute!!! The pics turned out definitely picked out an awesome photographer!!!!!

Judy said...

Adorable!!! These are fabulous pictures. Thanks for sharing them!

The Devil's Starchy Fingers said...

As I told you yesterday, these are fabulous photos. I find it interesting how we all pick ourselves apart and see things others don't see. You both look amazing and you have such expression. No wonky eyes, no wrinkly forehead, no rolls. You are gorgeous. The hair looks awesome by the way and isn't crazy or wild or anything but beautiful. I had no idea you had long hair and I really, truly think it looks wonderful.
Your wedding pictures are going to rock!

speedyDMD said...

The pictures turned out gorgeous! Your hair looked amazing and I LOVED your t-shirt choice!