Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Rock permeable?

I think I need new shoes. They are OK comfort wise but they are starting to look a little bare and one thing has really been bugging me lately. Is it possible that they are becoming more rock permeable with time? I cannot go 3miles without having a shoe-full of pebbles. Usually I just suck it up and deal with it because I HATE stopping to do anything while I am trying to get a run in. It messes up my rhythm. But lately I've had a blister on my poor oddly shaped index toe (are toes named the same as fingers?) EVERY SINGLE RUN. I'm truthfully surprised it's taken this long to have problems with that toe…it is strangely shaped and I always thought it'd be prone to blisters if I ever ran (which I didn't…probably in deference to the toe) but it's been a trooper all this time.

Time to get new shoes that will cushion and pamper it.

I'm pretty sure I'll try to just replace my Saucony Progrid Rides but am open to going back to my formerly favorite Brooks Glycerin IF they have corrected the horrendous (to my foot) heel that came with the Glycerin 6's. I have only had 3 pairs of running shoes in my running career: Brooks Glycerin 4, Brooks Glycerin 5 and these Saucony. By far my favorites were the 5's. They felt immediately right; good roomy toe box, nice arch support for my semi-flat feet, good stability without being boats. The Saucony have worked out too so I guess I'll go shopping for new shoes with an open attitude and see if my new faves are out there somewhere.

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