Sunday, October 25, 2009

Success x2

Today I ran 9 miles. It was great (although this time my left leg was the pain). Ran around seward park and then up Lk WA Blvd for a total of 9 miles. The lake looked beautiful and the foliage looked beautiful...all around beauty. plus I ran it in 1:28 which means less than 10min miles for 9 MILES. I was very happy!

I also succeeded in completing the silver BfitBday challenge with the aid and encouragement of my mom and TheCap. I had a fantastic birthday weekend (The joy of a Friday birthday). I am working on a yay-bfitday post.

the Cap's out of town this week so between my crying for him and stuff I am going to try to catch up this blog.

We'll see.

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