Monday, October 12, 2009

Raining on my parade

Well, i have 5 days now until I go for the silver in my B-fitBday challenge!

I went for gold last year and it proved to be one of the coolest b-day gift's I'd ever given myself.

In my adult years, my birthday has become a pretty introspective time. I usually have tried to make a change in my life, even a really small one.

Last year's challenge really felt like a celebration of the changes I'd been working so hard on in my 26th year. Plus it was a really great night with my mom and a shared experience I am really grateful to have had.

It also felt like a great way to celebrate what a huge impact triathlon (running) has had on the person I am today.

This year though, I am going for the silver. I've not been in great training shape so going for the gold would have been a stretch. Not to mention that I am excited to get to spend my birthday with people I love both old (Mom, sister, supernephew and crazynephew) and new (theCap, nephew so new I don't have a descriptor for him) so I can't spend the whole day B-fitBday-ing. Plus, my b-day is on a weekend this year so I can be leisurely about the whole thing.

My current dilemma though is whether I get to give myself what I've been calling a "Misery Pass"? The weather forecast is rain on top of rain. Last year I did the whole Gold Challenge indoors...the bike portion SUCKED. I won't do it again but how wet and cold do I want to be on my b-day?

Anyhow, I hope to post here how it goes.

The tentative plan is:

Friday 12am (my actual b-day!): swim 2000yd with my mom counting laps for me

Friday ~1am: Eat b-day pie with said mom

Friday evening: 8mile run...where: TBA (it'll get dark!)

Friday night: party it up!

Saturday: Ride form the Cap's to my place +3miles (to make it 28!)

That will be easily good for a silver

(back-up run plan is to do 4mi on Fri and then get 4mi in on sat or sun)


The Official Challenge:

Take your age and in any order:1) Swim the number of yards in the first number(# multiplied by 1000 yards),
2) Run the number of miles in the second number,
3) Bike the number of miles in the combined number.
So a 45-year-old athlete would:
1) Swim 4000 yards 2) Run 5 miles 3) Bike 45 miles
If you choose to accept the B-Fit B-Day Challenge you must....
Bronze: Do all three (swim/bike/run) during the week of your Birthday.
Silver: Do all three (swim/bike/run) in the three days before, after, or on your B-Day.
Gold: Do all three (swim/bike/run) in 24-hours to celebrate your B-Day!
Platinum: Do all three in miles (swim first number in miles not yards/bike/run) in 24-hours to celebrate your B-Day!
Important Note: Since “0” Birthdays like 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, and so on are important milestones the "0" in your birthday represents a 10. This means that on those “0” Birthdays you get to celebrate this big milestone by running ten miles.


The Devil's Starchy Fingers said...

Happy Birthday (one day early)! Sounds like a great way to spend the birthday weekend. Swim fast, run hard and ride safely.

aeep said...

Thanks! It oughtta be fun

Esther said...

this is so awesome! love that you do great things like this!