Saturday, January 17, 2009



I had a great workout tonight and it was just in time.

My cycling class I had slated for last night got postponed due to self-pity wallowing. It has been a long time since I have interupted my regularly scheduled program for self-pity so I let myself have it (plus I fell asleep). But that meant that I had only worked out 2 times this week! No good!

So tonight I went to my favorite gym and did a hill interval workout and went for my first swim in a LONG TIME. It was great. SpeedyDMD told me about her new treadmill workout where she does one minute flat and then runs on an incline that increases 1% every interval. I did a version of this then cooled down a bit.

After which I got in the pool!!!!!! It has been forver since I've gotten in the water and I was afraid it would be awful. It wasn't! My arms are pretty weak but I felt like my stroke was OK and I was flip turning like nobody's business!

Lesson learned: A great workout is better than a sad-sack night.
as goofy as it is I left the timing chip on my shoes because when I am running it makes me feel strong and determined and like I can meet any goal I set for myself.

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