Thursday, January 15, 2009

So, um, yeah

Working out has not been working out as of late. I've been going to the gym but my runs are pathetic. No, pitifully pathetic. I am DYING lately. I can barely make it through a 3-miler before what I would describe as a bonk. I have really changed my diet recently and am going to blame a bit of the bonking on that. I've been really strict with myself for the past almost 2 weeks in order to get back on track but I think it's time to get real a bit.

My nutritional plan (not diet, haha) I have been following the past 2 weeks is what I was incredibly successful on when I first started getting my fitness act in gear. What I am forgetting though is that my activity level was way less back then. It just so happened that there was a concatenate addition of more food as I exercised more which worked out perfectly. So I guess now I need to find my new set point for diet; the place where I have JUST enough fuel to feel good through workouts and life.

The plan is to just make it through this week keeping the nutrition plan I have now and sticking to short (and hopefully frequent) workouts. Then as I add in harder workouts I can add in more food but I will have hopefully revised my palate to food groups other than: Pastry, Pizza, Fried things and high-calorie-coffee-beverages.

On tap for today: Cycling class

Friday: Short run and swim

Saturday: LONG RUN (which now will mean >6miles)

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