Friday, January 30, 2009


I am in such a funk. I've been managing 3-4 workouts/week but they feel like total crap just to check the box that I've done them. I have to drag myself out there and have lost any real sense of fulfillment in any training. I feel kinda pitiful admitting this but i need external motivators. I miss having a team, I miss having a goal that I am working toward, I miss having a calendar that helps keep me on track. The ridiculous thing about this is that all of the above are things I can change.

I feel like I'm in this big lazy haze; I look at my messy apartment and don't have the energy to clean it, I sit down to compose emails to friends and don't have the energy to complete them, I see some of the macro agenda items for this year (REUNION) and just cannot motivate myself to get going. It is not uncommon for me to come home, eat a lot and then FALL ASLEEP. It is so bad. I am sleeping my life away these days and it is pretty depressing.

I really neet a reboot for 2009 because I feel like I am in this deep pit already and it is FEB this weekend. I'm mad at myself for losing a month but am terrified that this will continue on.

Not sure how to reboot.

Action items for this weekend:
1. Sign up for Mercer island half-marathon. hopefully that will re-energize me to get on a real running program.
2. Get my W-2 this weekend and do my taxes. This will influence my triathlon and general travel budget for 2009
3. email key players in reunion planning.

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