Friday, January 23, 2009

BRICK=Bike, Run, ICK!

One of my teammates wrote that on her blog and I've wanted to steal it ever since. I did my first little baby brick of the year! It has been FREEZING cold here in Seattle not to mention we have ~8hours of sunlight which is cloudy of ~60% of that time (can you say SAD) and the thought of biking outside makes me want to curl up in bed with some comfort food. Since that would be counterproductive I have been trying to hit the cycling class as much as possible.

On Wed, I ran 10minutes (hehe) then took a cycling class that made me want to cry (and made me rethink that comfort food plan) THEN ran a mile at my 5K pace. Now this sounds pretty pitiful when stacked up to some of our brick's for TNT and relative to some of my runs whilst marathon training but it was my first attempt running after cycling for a LONG TIME and it felt great.

So I guess it wasn't really "Bike, Run, ICK" it was Bike, Run, InCKredible!"

Blah! TGIF

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Alicia said...

You know what I love about your photo (Besides your super-cuteness)? That dude behind you! HA HA HA.