Monday, August 31, 2015

Wordless weekend

We went to a farm. Which obviously means amusement park rides for toddlers. 
Runaway train with my baby!

The full on glee he took jumping off of this giant foam train was nearly equal to the anxiety it gave M and me. 

And flowers from the farmers market. 

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Alicia said...

ok, I am cheating here and commenting on 2 posts. 1. If ever there was a flower that could represent a human being, I think Amber has found her flower-reincarnation (wow, had that been an actual carnation I might have to give up my mom title for a DAD title). 2. Beautiful pic of Friday mornings. -- I can't wait to see you three (+1) enjoying the new place that way! 3. Yellow everywhere? Seriously? I guess you will just have to accept that is the way trendy people live... ;) 4. Finally, good luck, hang in there, soon you will have a tiny bundle of joy to keep you up all night so that you can "enjoy" your new place at night.