Sunday, August 2, 2015

Birthday weekend success!

I slept terribly Thursday night and Friday I was a ball of angst that my weekend plan was too busy and over scheduled and it was doomed to failure. 
Since I was acting like a tired toddler Michael worked with me to see reason (it would all be fine- it was a low expectation party and the whole pint was to be able to enjoy it). And like a tired toddler I cried a little until I was too tired to do anything but go to sleep. 

Saturday was much better. Funny how a little sleep can clear your head and help you see straight. A and I spent the early morning splashing outside and had a Cheerios breakfast picnic. 

Then A and I and my younger sister went to the mall for birthday pics. That was a disaster but it resulted in a reasonably good shot. So we moved on. 

Later in the afternoon we implemented our Seattle plan. It was perfect. Except for the 90+ degree temperatures. We took the very exciting trolley! He was pretty stoked. We even doubled up and rode the monorail to seattle center. Then spent a great afternoon at the Pacific Science Center. 

It was awesome and air conditioned! The tots area was perfect as an introduction. Then we headed to the Grossololgy exhibit where he delighted in being blown out of a nose and sliding down an esophagus into a stomach and crawling through intestines out an anus. 

Birthday was great too. Balloons and breakfast. Playtime and nap time. And finally a cousin party. 

I'm pretty happy with the games I came up with. They evened the age difference field a bit and were fun and a little outside the box. 

He was so happy. We were so happy. His baby sister was so excited too and has been kicking up a storm all weekend. 

It was not the most extravagant party but it was a ton of fun and absolutely perfect for our little two year old!


Judy said...

A girl!!!! Congratulations!!!!
Madalyn is wondering if her name is on the short list? ;)

aeep said...

Ha! We joked about telling you guys that just to see your faces.

Kathy said...

A girl!! :) Yay for babies! Happy birthday, Little A!

Judy said...

:) It's a great name...though a bit popular now. It's yours, if you want it. Look how good Little A is turning out! ;)