Thursday, July 30, 2015

Saturday Plans


Saturday we are going to fly to CA go to Disneyland for the day and fly home.


Not really but I was trying to come up with a list of things that are free under two. Since my baby will not be eligible starting Sunday.

champagne and raisins!

We will be living it up though. He has LOVED birthdays this year. He likes singing the song all the time- he’s going to be ecstatic that it is for him! Friday his class is making cupcakes to celebrate. Saturday we are going to have a day of fun with our little one year old. The only definite plan is to ride the SLUT, we drive by it every day and love when we have a trolley sighting but haven’t ridden one yet. Oh, he has pictures first on Saturday.

Then on Sunday, we are having my mom, sisters and niblings over for a party at our house. Water play, bubbles, some Sesame Street themed games, pizza and cake.

This’ll be fewer people than last year because I don’t want to host, I want to hang with my birthday boy and see him take it all in. I’m so excited. I’m more excited about his day than I have been for my own birthday for ~20 years.


It’s funny, before I had Andrew I used to think that the kid’s birthday should also be the mom’s day in a way. But I genuinely feel like I was so lucky to get to be the one to have him. I’m so glad I got to bring him into my life, into Michael’s. It was really my privilege and I’m doing my best to show him my gratitude by loving him every day. His birthday is just an extra special one.


I still like my mom’s perspective that your first born’s birthday is also your parenting anniversary. We've officially been on the job for two years. Happy other anniversary M!




Titanium Spork said...

Happy birthday little guy!!

Alicia said...

uhhh.... champagne and raisins????

aeep said...

How've you never done this? It is fun with density! The raisins get tons of bubbles on their surface and the. Float to the top. Then the bubbles pop and they sink-repeats over and over until the fizz dies.
We had leftover champagne at work but Andrew loved putting raisins in that he formed a giant raisin clump and it only worked for a few stragglers.
Clear soda works too (but less bubbly). Do it!

aeep said...

So only put a few raisins. And a tall narrow glass works best but my lab partner isn't very stable.