Saturday, August 22, 2015

Live blogging Sesame Street

With our potty time we are exploring other new things. Like TV. 

Saturday- 6:15pm, sitting on the potty chair (A not me)
It's funny because A knows these characters really well from books and music so sometimes he seems annoyed with the chair. Almost like "the book is better"

6:22 pm- same spot
Is Elmo like the urkel of sesame street. Starting as a side character but taking over the show.

6:28 pm- same spot
The letter of the day is now a taped music video. I don't know if there is muppet harmony. 

6:32 pm - he's now wandering and I'm lamely watching by myself. 

6:41- he's back and sitting with M and asking for repeats of the letter of the day song. 

It is a catchy tune and the muppets all look great. Michael and I discuss how strange it is that they show so much feet and articulated hands. 

Ok, I'm sure this is as fascinating as it sounds. I'll sign off. 

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