Monday, August 24, 2015


Welp, so far into this pregnancy I've pretty reliably done the opposite of all of my intentions. 

1. Don't eat too much. Yeah. This is still not going well. I did manage not to eat my way through the early nausea but I am terrible about just saying "fuck it" and eating whatever the hell I want. 

2. Keep exercising. With the exception of 1-2/wk Zumba I don't really go out of my way to be terribly active. I was being good about taking a long walk during lunch but have slacked off of that since work ramped up and while it was excruciatingly hot out. I guess this isn't too bad but when I think that with Andrew I was all trained up for a half marathon at 21 weeks I feel like a bit of a slug (although arguably my running with him was full out a free for all to eat everything in sight). 

3. Dress well. This is freaking hard. I'm cheap and lazy to find maternity clothes. We are opposite season as I was for Andrew and even with him I looked a mess most of the time. The one pair of black pants I wore basically everyday are staples again. Buy Nothing came through for me and I was gifted a few very cute dresses but I can't wear those to work. 

I look for maternity clothes but then I come across stuff like this. I
Mean tell me that this dress doesn't look like your angry labia. 

Things I've been doing relatively well with:  Hydrating, listening to myself (ex not walking when it is blazing hot out), getting to bed embarrassingly early and really soaking up the time the three of us. 

Ok, only one pictured but with Michael too. 

Taking bathroom selfies at work. 

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