Thursday, September 3, 2015

Pull out your tiny violin

We’re buying a house!

Ok, so I get that these aren’t truly terrible problems and they are around things that are quite exciting but DAMN, this process is killing me.


1.       The paperwork required to buy and sell property is insane.

I understand that borrowing a lot of money from a bank requires a lot of verification but HELL, I felt really awkward digging up my 3rd grade teacher to get an initialed copy of my second semester effort grade. Ok, not quite that bad but still. And it is made a lot easier thanks to technology but also less secure because of technology. It is bizarre, banks want you to keep your information secure but then they ask for every detail to be sent to them without a secure system to do so. So that meant M had be our technology specialist and lock down our documents before sending and try to remind the recipients to be careful with what they send. But they do send up snappy videos explaining the process with cartoons.

2.       I can’t get anyone to take large sums of money from me.

We are buying a house. Great. It is in pretty good condition but we need professionals to fix a ton of little things (if an electrical panel that caused the inspector to say “fire hazard” is little) and talk to us about changing bigger stuff. I have contacted SO MANY people- close friend referrals, anonymous referrals, blind google searches- and it is pulling teeth to get anyone to even reply. And when they do I’m not feeling good that people are upfront with what services they can provide (ex. Gate repair guy, can you also fix the deck? No is a fine answer but I need to know).    

3.       While we are good people, Michael and I are just not interior designers.

The entire house is painted yellow. We don’t know what to do about that. 

4. My carpool buddy is bossy

         Andrew is a bossy pants in the car and insists that we sing one at a time. It's adorable that he sings along to the radio and our CDs now but he is is way harsh about when I try to join in. Rude!

I'm gonna miss Friday mornings in this house with these two. M tells me that we will find the same comfort level in the new house. I believe him. 

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Kathy said...

Yay for new houses! I vote for getting Anne involved with your decorating. That girl has style and taste for days... :)