Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Goober Channel

Michael and I have discussed a number of times our theory that back in the day people had lots of kids not as labor but as entertainment. The number of children you had was like how many channels of cable you have.

My sisters family is a great example.

Her oldest is the cable news. Opinionated, always full of information, many heartwarming feel good pieces. Always in the know.

The next one is a bit like HBO . You just aren't sure what is going to come on. It can be the most thoughtful documentary; well researched and thorough. But it could also be a marathon of idiotic movies or some sort of inappropriate programming. You really don't know and you're often a little scared when switch to that channel.

The next one is VH1. A dance party and silliness. Sometimes the programming gets a bit repetitive and folds in on itself. But usually fun to watch even if you have seen the same thing over and over again.

The youngest is animal planet. She is so full of sweet and adorable things to say and astute observations on life. But she can bite your head off and is often where you will see the feisty-est of the feisty.

In our home, we currently have a mix of the discovery channel and Comedy Central. Andrew is just figuring out so much and is so busy. When we get home he needs to find the cat, open the cabinets in the kitchen, check on the cat again, see about a snack, get picked up by mommy, see what's happening in the bathroom, etc. all within three minutes. His facial expressions as he puzzles problems out are priceless. And he just gets so darn proud of himself.

We will probably keep our cable but this goofball has some serious entertainment value.

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