Thursday, September 18, 2014

Impromptu Mother/Son Date

I had a really great treat late yesterday afternoon. I really and truly was trying to be a great employee. Experiments taken care of, documentation mostly UTD, I even practiced some new skills. But I was pretty much done by 3:45. Remembering that M had said he had a busy day (and likely couldn’t just go home early) I touched base with him and got the OK to take baby boy somewhere fun for a bit of momma/baby time.

I got over to pick him up just before 4:00 and they were still eating snack. He looked so cute and comfortable sitting there with his little crew eating tuna and crackers. It was nice to watch him in his environment and see how he hung with the other kids. He has learned much from his parents because he was the only one truly focused on his snack. He was also the only one who stayed seated so before long he was the only one at the table, munching away.

But we had to go if we were going to hit up my plan.

We jumped in the car and headed to the Pacific Science Center. They closed at 5:00 but Andrew is 13 months old so the 55 minutes or so seemed perfect. I stifled a little guilt that we weren’t going somewhere outdoors while it wasn’t rainy and light out (man, winter daylight makes me SAD already) but I wanted somewhere that I could say “yes” and “cool buddy” more often than “no” and “cool buddy, but not in your mouth” like I might at a park. We headed directly to the “"Just for Tots” area. When I worked at the PSC that area was always closed because the program I worked for was for bigger kids so I hadn’t really spent much time in there. WOW, we cannot forget what a great resource that will be when it is dark and rainy- except that they close at 5:00, sad.

He had so much fun. He is a great mix of 70% brave and 30% cautious which meant he was climbing up stairs and walking a little gang plank to a slide. He spent the most time playing in the water display and collecting the water wheel toys they had in it. When two other, maybe three year old, kids came in he did that adorable and sort of heartbreaking things babies do with older kids. He followed them at a short distance, smiling and marveling at their capabilities, being largely ignored or taken as a nuisance.

The hour was perfect. The museum closed and we went to pick up M and come home to breakfast for dinner.

I hope Andrew enjoyed it because it was wonderful for me. I feel so lucky that I have the flexibility to do stuff like this. I know not everyone can and I might not always be able to so I am extremely grateful.

I only got one picture when I realized Michael might want proof of our adventure.

Here he is earlier that day. Just because he is cute.

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